This is a website administrated by the internet nerd known as "Zorak". It is utilized by him and his friends. When they do commentary on video game playthroughs ("Let's Plays"), they are collectively known as An Orbital Grouse. Yes, we know. You will also find stuff here occasionally by other people whom Zorak is friends with.

Who all make up An Orbital Grouse?

At this moment, Zorak, Chorocojo, HulkaMatt, and TyrsHTML.

Who did all the art I see floating around here?

That would be Chorocojo. He is kind of a drawizard.

How can I get in contact with you, or anyone here?

You may find more specific emails on some of the sub-pages, but in general you can email us at anorbitalgrouse at gmail dot com. Feel free to contact us with your comments, questions, or suggestions. Please do let us know if something is broken! I am bad at webpages.

Our twitters are also linked a couple headers up. So there's that too!

Who is that Oni!?!

That's Oni-chan. She is quite helpful! By which I mean, she helps herself to your livestock. Such is the way of the mysterious Oni.